About Me

I have been catering since I can remember, it has always been a passion.

My parents had a small wedding business, and I used to help them when I was in my teens. (My Grandfather was apparently a chef in London and was a great ice carver so I suppose it runs in my genes!)

I left home for the bright lights of Brighton Technical College, where I passed my OND in Hotel and Catering and then went on to do another 2 years to pass my H.C.I.M.A. It was a sandwich course so I worked in all departments of the hotel, but the kitchen was my favourite.

Off then to Bognor Regis where I helped run a very successful restaurant on the sea front, it flooded once and we actually had live shrimp jumping out of the carpet. Too small to cook unfortunately!

Then got married, moved overseas and lived in a hotel where, 2 children later, I set up an outside catering business, and spent what was left of my spare time throwing endless fun dinner parties!

Back full circle to the UK and Crowborough and I now run Comfort Foods. I am thoroughly enjoying being back! The foods over here are so fresh and exciting to work with, and all the people I have met so far have been wonderful.

My new project is to start a cookery school, not on a huge scale, but on a 2:1 basis. I have found so many people out there that would love to cook, but just do not know where to start! One of my goals is to teach pre-university adults how to live healthily and cheaply, so watch this space!

If I am not in my kitchen you will find me on my allotment, (my other passion) growing unusual organic vegetables for my family!

Comfort Foods Email Telephone No: 01892 654692

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